Thursday, March 18, 2010

Danny Fuenzalida: Living the Dream

Here is a little interview. Big up to the boys at



Danny Fuenzalida: Living the Dream

Posted by – 03/18/2010
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This is my buddy Danny Fuenzalida. He’s pro for San Francisco-based Think Skateboards. Danny and I first met here in The City a little over 13 years ago. I was 18. He was only 14 or 15. Deluxe Distribution flew him out here from Chile to skate and hang out for the summer. I believe he was staying with original Sick Boy Mic-E Reyes in the Mission or something, which must have been quite an interesting experience for a teenager from Chile.

Danny and I skated and hung out alot that summer he was out here, then we just sort of lost contact after he returned to Chile. I only see Danny once every couple of years now, but still keep up with him in the skate mags and videos. Danny is revered as being one of the most talented yet underrated skaters in the game. I knew early on that he was going to do great things with skateboarding. Some people just have “it.”

Over the years, Danny has lived in a handful of different cities and countries around the world, including Perth, Brisbane and Groote Eylandt in Australia, Port Hardy and Mill Bay on Vancouver Island in Canada, as well as San Francisco, San Jose and Miami here in the States. He currently resides in San Francisco’s TenderNob neighborhood.

I shot this photo of Danny the other day after running into him and some other local rippers on Bush and Stockton streets. They were on a filming Mission. That was the first time I’ve seen Danny in probably three years. It’s always nice running in to old friends that are doing well and living their dreams, especially in these trying times.

Cheers, old friend, and congrats on getting 8th place at this year’s Tampa Pro contest. That’s huge!

Interesting fact: Danny has been riding for Think Skateboards since ’99, making him the company’s longest running pro. Riding for the same company for 11+ years is almost unheard of, especially these days when skaters are jumping ship left and right.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

THE JUNGLE - Andre Legacy vs. Sazoo

Peep some game from my boy Andre Legacy breakin the SQUEEGEE out on Fools out in Sac...
Thanks for the Video GRINDTIME!

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Thursday, February 25, 2010


I kept meaning to post this for a little while now. Just saw Schmity posted it on the I thought, what the hell!

This is pretty much the best youtube video ever. Tell me Im wrong!!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Holy Shit!

if you see a bunch of rockers in the middle of the insanity that is Oakland it might be these dudes....and man lion Hustle Jamie.

Angling for Catfish LIVE ON ESPN!

Angling for Catfish

ESPN has a pretty sick interview with THINK SKATEBOARDS's Cody Mac! Check it out SUN!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


2006 and 2010 Olympic Gold Medalist Shaun White stopped in our Vancouver hat shop today and took a moment out to try on some straw fedoras and pose for a photo -- go USA! Come on Marcell, let's get some heavy hitters to the SF shop's! YEEEEEEEEE!

Peep there site if you want to step your hat game up

You know this guy is going to keep your hat game proper! So what are you waiting for, hurry up and buy sun!!

Baby weezy, Baby Moose and Bany Fong

Yea, we all kick it and shit! Thanks FONG!!!! hahaha best shit ever!! And why does baby weezy and baby Moose look like work at a casino on the strip or some shit like that?? Kids these days I tell you!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I can remember it like yesterday. One of my most epic days riding a skateboard ever. The first time I went to the brooklyn banks was in about 95 or 96. It was the middle of the summer, some buddy's and I just hopped in the car and started the hour drive to NYC. I have been skating there many times before, but for some reason I never made it to the banks. So we drive all the way up to the City and straight to BK. We get to the spot and I was just amazed. I was in such aw of this place. Just straight brick everywhere you look and some how on one side of the street there were pilers, a huge stair set and HUGE banks from end to end. Then the glory spot, the picture you see below. I mean shit the history of the spot seeks for it self not to mention how epic it was that the banks were actually there in the first place.

So we get there and start to do our thing. Straight ripping all dam day long. Then a car pulled up and Fred Gull and Josh Kalis jump out and start blowing minds. All day long Kalis was trying to switch backside flip it(from the bank into the road)...and you know that he got that shit! It was by far the sickest thing I've ever seen on a skateboard at the time. Not to mention Fred trying to nollie heel it. but since the banks are pretty much just a highway off ramp for the bridge theres always tons of cars that are coming down the ramp. Now rather than just bail off when a car would come Fred would just nollie it, and he would land that shit EVERY fucking joke making it less than a foot away from cars tearing down the ramp at 30-40 miles per hour. SO INSANE! Not to mention Upson nollie cab over the wall drunk as hell with a beer in hand. He never made it, but he landed on it at least 10 times that day. It was such a real time in skateboarding for me. Oh yea, did I mention the only one that day to get a photo was Kalis. Such good times.

Sometimes I wish I can go back to those days....RIP BROOKLYN BANKS!!